Who You Gonna Call on October 7th for Monster Market? The Phoenix Ghostbusters!

At Monster Market, happening on Saturday October 7th at The Moxy Hotel Tempe, we’re trying to give you a lot of awesome vendors and a lot of workshops to make your holiday the best it can be. On the workshop front, we had to call The Phoenix Ghostbusters, Phoenix’s leading 501(c)(3) charity costuming group, based on the beloved Sony Ghostbusters franchise.

The Phoenix Ghostbusters, who utilize the theatrics of Ghostbusters, to give back to the community through charitable establishments per their non-profit status. They also celebrate the Ghostbusters franchise by attending events that reflect the culture of costuming, which is right up the alley of Monster Market!

The Phoenix Ghostbusters will be doing a workshop at Monster Market, talking about creating and fabricating props and costumes for your Halloween holiday. They will also be available for photo opportunities and will have one of their Ecto-1 vehicles available for photographs and general viewing! Join us October 7th at Monster Market, with tickets available at Zia Records and online at http://monstermarketphx.bpt.me – because bustin makes you feel good!